Welcome to our harp ads section!   If you are looking for a harp or harp merchandise to buy, sell, or rent, take a look at the offerings below.  If you are in the Pacific Northwest and have a harp that needs a new home, contact us at news@reigningharps.com for ad submission guidelines.

(Scam Alert! Many people with harps for sale on this site have been contacted by scammers... unfortunately, this happens with almost any expensive item advertised on the internet. Recently these scams have become more sophisticated, claiming to come from towns in our area and sounding well-worded and authentic (to start out).  BEWARE of  any story involving paying a "shipper", accepting a money order or cashier's check, and/or delivering the harp to an "agent"... often you will be asked to return "change" from a large overpayment. The money order or check turns out to be bogus, and you lose the "change" and perhaps your harp as well! You may wish to ignore queries from buyers with such a story... there are many examples of typical scams, tips for protecting yourself, and a place to report scammers to the authorities, at www.IC3.gov. )


Sylvia Hackathorn in Portland OR is seeking a left-shouldered lever harp, 30-36 strings, fully levered, with the levers positioned for left-shoulder players. Most interested in renting (approx. $50/mo.) but would consider purchase at $2500 or less. Contact Sylvia at bouzouki@comcast.net or 503-754-5124. (new 8/13)

Lynne is seeking a Steen Pacer 28-string lever harp, or a 26-string MacCrimmon Highland Harp. If you have or know of either for sale, please contact her at lcdavis@crocker.com. (new 6/13)

Marsha Marsh (previously of Washington State, now in North Carolina) is seeking a small electric harp ( preferably a Camac Baby Blue; will consider Lyon and Healy or other brands). Must be in good condition, with pickup on each string. She will travel to pick it up personally if you have one that is suitable. Contact Marsha at 919-225-7687  or by e-mail at heavenonharp@hotmail.com. (new 4/13)

Claire Oliver is a harp student at Portland State University who is looking for a concert grand pedal harp to rent in the Portland area, in the range of $100 per month. This would be used strictly for at-home practice. She would like a harp that is well-regulated and suited for lots of practice, and would prefer a Lyon & Healy concert grand for which she would consider a $100-150 per month range. Please contact Claire at 503-970-7975 or oliver.claire@gmail.com -- email is best. (new 1/13)

Phoenix Dunn of Seattle is looking to buy a used electric harp: Camac Baby Blue, Lyon and Healy Silhouette, or independently crafted. Must have a pickup on every string. Not interested in a Harpsicle. Willing to pay any reasonable price. You can reach Phoenix at phoenixpepperwood@gmail.com. (new 12/12)

Annastezhaa Curtis is a new harpist looking for a pedal harp with a "rent to own" option. Preferably a Lyon & Healy concert grand or semi-concert grand, but willing to consider all possibilities in the $100-$150 per month range, in the Seattle to Olympia region (or even as far south as Portland). Contact Annastezhaa at acurtis91@yahoo.com. (new 3/12)


Seumas Gagne of Seattle WA has some brand new pedal harp strings for sale: "Pedal harp playing friends: Have I got a deal for you! I purchased nine bass wire strings that are the wrong size for my new-old Pilgrim Progress pedal harp. I will sell them to you for just $90 - that's 10% off - and I can take your credit card over the phone. Specifics: Bow Brand 6th octave F-G-A-B / Vanderbilt 6th octave C-D-E / Vanderbilt 5th octave F-G. Send an e-mail to seumas@seumasgagne.com or phone 206-297-8398 if you're interested." (new 6/13)

Vanessa Moxness, of Tucson AZ, is selling some harp CD's, harp accessories, and variety of sheet music and music books at a considerable discount off of retail.    Music (never used): Bouchaud, Pieces Classiques, Vol. 6--$21.00; Brundage, Classics on Request, Vol. 1--$12.50, Classics on Request, Vol. 3--$12.50, Eighteenth Century Music--$12.50; Curcio, Stage Two Duos (flute and harp)--$11.00; Govea, Sacred Harp, Vol. 2--$12.00; Grupp-Verbon, Lever Drill--$6.50; Jennings, Pop Standards for Lever Harp--$12.50; Moore, Music Theory at the Harp, Vol. 4--$8.00; Ortiz, The International Rhythmic Collection for all Harps or Piano, Vol. 2--$14.50; Riley The Jewel and the Metamorphosis--$8.00; Schermer, The Sing-Along Harper (includes companion CD)--$20.00. Harp Accessories: These items are in new or like-new condition:  Lyon and Healy lever harp dust cover--$50 (retail $75),  set of 20 spare lever harp strings, both nylon and gut, $50 for the set, T-shape rubber-covered pedal harp tuning key--$8.00. Used CD's--$5 each or all 8 for $32: Carrol McLaughlin-- Jazz Harp; Mallarme Chamber Players--Chamber Music for Harp, Flute and Strings; Mobius-- Villa-Lobos Chamber Music (including harp); Krutzen/McGhee Duo-- Canada New Works for Flute and Harp (Import); Greg Buchanan-- Yesterday's Memories (pop/classical for solo harp); John Manno-- Baroque Music for the Lever Harp; Jessica Warren-Acosta—Acentos--flute chamber music without harp (signed copy); Jennings and Trotter-- The Two Harp Moods of Jan Jennings and Louise Trotter. Shipping estimates are available.  Buyers are responsible for postage, but the sheet music can be shipped at media mail rates which are very inexpensive.  For more information, contact Vanessa at ima_pc_guru@msn.com. (revised 5/13)

Linda Hernandez of Mill Creek WA has a large selection of Harp Gowns for sale; she is selling gowns that are either new with tags, or worn once or twice for harp gigs. These gowns were priced about $300-$1000 each when new, and will sell for $40-$150 (cash only). They are perfect for playing harp as some are ball gowns or have plenty of leg room. All colors and sizes 10-14. Shown by appointment only; contact Linda at hrhlinda@yahoo.com. Mention that you are a harpist and get a free full-length heavy clear garment bag to protect your purchase! (new 10/11)

Janie of Seattle is selling a Cargo Shipping Trunk for a Pedal Harp. It has a hard wooden protective exterior. There's some exterior wear and tear and scuffing -- since that's its job, to keep the harp safe! There are wheels on the bottom for easy moving and skids on one side to move up and down stairs. The interior is very well padded. Padding blocks and straps inside help secure the harp. Because the straps are adjustable, it will fit any concert grand or semi-grand. She bought it used from Lyon & Healy West to ship her Salvi; the owner told her new ones sell for $1600. She's asking $400 and will consider any offer. Pics on request. Contact Janie at ladyshibboleth@juno.com. (new 12/10)

Cynthia Douglas of Salt Lake City UT is selling a custom harp wedding ring set - 1.19 ct, VS2 clarity, G color grade Brilliant Oval diamond, medium blue florescence measuring 6.10 x 8.18 x 3.79 mm. Mounted in platinum partial bezel on a 18k yellow gold, custom made, joined two-piece ladies ring weighing 11.2 grams in finger size 6.5 with sizing balls in the squared shank. The ring has a full figure cherub on one side and a harp with 7 platinum wire strings on opposite side of the shank. Exquisite workmanship. Appraised at $10,650 for ring with diamond; $8,500 for diamond alone. Will part with diamond for $5,800, or ring with diamond for $7,200. Open to reasonable offers. Shipping from Salt Lake City UT for additional $34 includes insurance. Contact Cynthia for photos and documentation at 801-355-0050 or at Cynthia@cynthiadouglass.com.


Susan McLain (Seattle WA) has a Lyon & Healy Concert Grand 22 Gold for rent, 46 strings, discs up to high G. Excellent condition, new strings, regulation and regilded recently. Pictures on her web site at www.GreensleevesHarp.com. $150 per month. Available in Dec. 2013. Contact Susan at GreensleevesHarp@aol.com or call 206-932-1861. (new 12/13)

Susan McLain (Seattle WA) has a Dusty Strings FH36B in maple/koa for rent. 36 strings, full levers. Custom made for Susan McLain by Dusty Strings. In perfect condition, with case. $55 per month. Susan says "Great harp, one of the best!!" Contact Susan (Tudy) at GreensleevesHarp@aol.com or call 206-932-1861. (revised 10/13)

Susan McLain (Seattle WA) has a Dusty Strings Double-Strung harp for rent, 52 strings, fully levered, maple with cherry soundboard. Exceptional harp, bold sound. With case and key. $35 per month. Contact Susan at 206-932-1861 or GreensleevesHarp@aol.com. (revised 10/13)

Jan Allen (Shoreline WA) has a Camac Clio Extended Soundboard Pedal Harp for rent. 44 strings. Includes a soft cover and dolly/handtruck for transport. $115 per month plus damage deposit. Contact Jan on her  mobile phone: 206-250-3242. (new 1/13)

Marian Sussman (Seattle WA) has a walnut 23 for rent. Wonderful sound. Concert grand harp with 47 strings, it comes with a 3 piece transport cover. $150 per month plus tax. Contact Marian at 206-290-8192 or at harpnote@gmail.com. (new 1/13)

Marian Sussman (Seattle WA) has a Venus Traditional harp for rent. Oversize semi-grand, almost as large as a grand with extended board and 46 strings. Big sound with concert grand string spacing, floral carving and a high gloss natural maple finish. $125 plus tax. Contact Marian Sussman at 206-290-8192 or at harpnote@gmail.com. (new 1/13)

Marian Sussman (Seattle WA) has a Wurlitzer semi-grand harp for rent. Newly re-gilded column and base. 44 strings. From F to F. Lush sound. $120 plus tax. Marian Sussman at 206-290-8192 or at harpnote@gmail.com. (new 1/13)

Mary Ryan (Seattle WA) is renting a cherry Lyon & Healy Troubadour 1 harp, 34 strings, full levers, similar to pedal harp tension, in great condition, available for $50/mo plus tax. She says: “This harp had two owners and was stored for most of its life. It sounds great.” Call Mary at 206-284-7730 or email her at mary.ryancrc@yahoo.com for more information. (new 6/11)

Susi Hussong (Seattle WA) has a Venus Legende Pedal Harp for rent -- Ebony, 44 strings. Great small harp for $100 per month. Please contact Susi at  206-783-9493 or harp4u@comcast.net. (new 4/09)

Patricia Friedson, an agent for Harps Unlimited International, has a wide variety of rental and rent-to-own lever harps available, including Tripletts and Rubarths. Pedal rentals possible. Sales room located in Ferndale WA. Contact Patricia at 360-393-3376 or ambertales@juno.com. (new 10/08)

Jennifer Pratt-Walter has an older 34-string Triplett harp for rent in the Vancouver/Portland area. Contact her at 360-693-4715, or at Lyrica@comcast.net. (new 4/08)


Sellers Beware! Latest Scam Attempts:

"Daniel Silver" (shipping agents, money order, etc.) at "daniel_silver2013@yahoo.com"
"Mrs Jook John" at "mrsjookjohn@yahoo.com"
"Farris Teal" at "far_teal@yahoo.com" who will insist on PayPal
"Elise Stewart" at "estewart_007@yahoo.com
John Osorio" at "john.osorio35@gmail.com"
"Dickson Holmer" at "dickson.holmer@gmail.com"
"williams brown234" or "wbrown45" who claims to need a harp for a "client"
"david_tom2009" who will insist on a PayPal transaction

Meg Anderson (South Surrey/White Rock BC) is selling her 26-string Rees Flatsicle which is in very good condition and about 1-1/2 years old. It is purple and comes with a tuning wrench, harp case, set of extra strings, knee bar, harp strap, and metal adjustable harp stand. (For details on the Flatsicle, see https://harpsicleharps.com/harps.htm.) This gently used harp would be excellent to take on your travels. The Flatsicle package is $795 new and the metal stand is $79. Meg is willing to sell all of it for $700 Canadian (no shipping, cash only); contact her at 604-538-1138. (new 12/13)

Jenny Solomon of Redmond WA is selling her Dusty Strings Crescendo 34 harp, 2 years old and in excellent condition, made of sapele wood with a hybrid stave back and full levers. New, this harp cost $3600; Jenny is asking $2800  and including the padded case, detachable stand with legs, electronic tuner, sitting bench, music stand, and tuning key. Contact Jenny at jennyasolomon@gmail.com. (revised 12/13)

Cynthia Kuni (Snoqualmie WA) is selling a Camac DHC-Light 32-string electroharp. Range: 1st F to 6th C. Black. 3 years old. Played infrequently. Original Alliance Savarez strings. Weighs 11 pounds. Comes with harness, legs and a tripod stand (three ways to hold it), black case, red dust cover, tuning key, electric cable and a Peavey Solo amp (amp is older, approx. 20 years.) Asking $4700. Contact: Cynthia at 206-909-5844 or crkuni@comcast.net. (new 12/13)

Molly Bauckham of Dusty Strings in Seattle reports that a Dusty Strings FH36B in Walnut has come into the shop on consignment. Its age is circa 1995, and it is in cosmetically imperfect condition (some dings and scratches, tuning pins a bit rusty) but was just restrung, regulated and refurbished by the shop. It is priced at $3600.00, including padded case and tuning wrench. Contact the Dusty Strings retail shop at 206-634-1662. (new 12/13)

Ramona Gault of Seattle WA is selling a Dusty Strings 26-string Ravenna, stunning rich burgundy finish, nylon strings, new Aug. 2011. Natural sound board, full sharping levers, tuning key, with slide-out bottom peg, detachable black 4-leg stand. Includes black canvas carrying case, Pamela Bruner instruction book & CD, Sylvia Woods instruction book, Korg CA-40 chromatic tuner. "Ruby" has a rich, full sound & deserves a passionate player. Owner must sell due to physical limitations. Photo available upon request. Arrange for north Seattle pickup. Cash only. Just $999. Contact  rosey26string@yahoo.com. (new 12/13)

Final Price Reduction! Mary Cyrus of Clackamas OR is selling a John Yule gut-strung harp. This is a Concert Model Carneghie, has 34 strings and full Loveland levers. It has a Kells-inspired eagle on the pillar and has a lovely, warm tone. It comes with key, tuner, some extra strings, and a soft case. This harp is valued at $5000; Mary is asking $2500. Please e-mail BrightForge3@gmail.com. (revised 12/13)

Marcia Stromquist of Vancouver WA is selling two pedal harps. 1) Venus Cherub Model 76 burgundy pedal harp. 44 strings with a straight sounding board. Includes cover and tuning key. Built in 1997. $8,000. 2) Salvi Minerva Concert Grand pedal harp. Two-tone maple, 47 strings. Belonged to famous Hollywood studio musician, Veryle Mills and renowned California professional harpist Harriet Wood. Built in 1979, excellent condition. Includes cover and tuning key. $17,500. Both harps currently located in Seattle; pictures available upon request. For more info, please contact Marcia at mstromquist@comcast.net. (revised 12/13)

Isabella Uzaraga of Victoria BC is selling a Dusty Strings FH-32 lever harp in maple. This harp has full levers, and is in good condition. It comes with padded Cordura carry case with handles, a tuning wrench and extra set of strings. It is approximately 15 years old and Isabella is only the second owner. $3000. No shipping. Viewing can be arranged in Victoria BC. Contact Isabella at iuzaraga@hotmail.com or 250-217-3439. (new 11/13)

Stuart in Seattle is selling a Heartland harp with 36 strings and full  levers.  It stands 50 inches tall and is a relatively early model with a serial number 36L113.  It is in good condition, sounds soft and mellow, and keeps its tune well.  Included is a tuning wrench, and soft case with a carrying strap.  Photos can be made available on request.  Asking just $1500. Contact stuart.deal@gmail.com, or call 206-390-6353. (new 10/13)

Price Reduced! Sallie Harrison of Snohomish WA is selling a Lyon & Healy "Chicago 40" acoustic/electric pedal harp. Sallie says "Here is a chance for a harper to move to a lovely pedal harp, at not much more than one pays for a new 36-string celtic harp from Dusty Strings. I am selling my new, beautiful 40 string L&H "Chicago" harp, designed to be somewhat smaller, yet have all the great action, mechanics, feel, and look of a grand concert harp. This instrument has classic simple lines, with a dark base, pillar, and crown, against a straight, light, and decorated soundboard. At only 63.5 lbs and 5' 5" tall it can be transported in a variety of small vehicles. You'll enjoy the ease of having your sharps and flats at the touch of your foot. Includes a beautiful and strong wooden handcart, antique style dark wood music stand, and cloth cover - all for $8700. I would love for this harp to go to a good home where it will be admired, played, and enjoyed!" Contact Sallie at 206-552-3233, or e-mail at dougandsallie@gmail.com. (revised 10/13)

Ann Seward (near St. Louis MO) is selling her Magical Strings Concert Kailey 36-string harp, built by Phil Boulding in 2010. Gorgeous lush sound! Full Loveland levers. Maple with birch sound box & sound board. Range C to C, 52" tall, 24 pounds. Uses Dusty Strings nylon string set. One harpist owner, carefully maintained. Comes with padded case and shoulder strap, full extra string set plus a few, and tuning key. Ann paid $2750 for harp, levers, case, extra string set; a dealer advised listing for $2450, she's asking just $2300 to Reigning Harps readers (plus shipping from St. Louis area, contact her for estimate). For more information, contact Ann at  ann@sewardgroup.us or 636-734-8436. (new 10/13)

Judith Taussig in Salem, Oregon, is selling a 6 year old Salvi semi-grand pedal harp, in pristine condition, beautiful to look at and beautiful to hear. It is an "Arion," in natural finish with gild trim and column ornamentation, and 45 strings. A dust cover, tuning key and  matching adjustable bench are included. The asking price is $15,800 and she will consider a six month rent-to-own arrangement. Contact Judith at 503-581-8983 or taussigjp@gmail.com. (new 10/13)

Sam Tyler of Portland Oregon has an 30 string Ardival Kinnellan Wire Harp for sale. This is Ardival's largest wire strung harp. The Kinnellan is made entirely of sycamore, having brass cheek bands, a hollowed-out soundbox, an exterior integral string band, brass string shoes and a pillar reinforced with a T-section. The range of thirty strings is taken from the string scheme published by Edward Bunting in 1840, having just over four octaves running from bass C up to treble d'''. Six silver strings provide a rich bass. The harp has matured into beautiful bright voice. Comes with Cronkite case and full set of replacement strings. there is also a matching stand (harp height!) sold separately but discounted to harp purchaser. Asking $3800 for harp, case and strings (harp retails over $4300). Stand is deluxe with extras like brass adjustment knobs. built in shelf for tuner, key etc. and a removable large shelf for music storage. Stand is $375 to the harp purchaser. For photos and further info contact Sam at samtyler@comcast.net or 503-227-6237. (new 9/13)

Linda (in Woodinville WA) has a Larry Fisher "Sun, Moon, and Stars" model 34-string harp for sale. This harp was made in 2002 from Brazilian Imbuya wood, with a cedar-veneered cedar soundboard. Full levers, with wood-burned and painted Celtic artwork on the soundboard. Extra set of strings, case, tuner, music stand, and lots of folk harp music books and several CDs included. $3,000 - cash only. Proof of purchase, photos gladly supplied! Contact Linda at L-Loba@hotmail.com. (new 9/13)

Jacky Thomas of Victoria BC is selling her Diamond Harps Magdalene Model 36-string harp. Diamond Harps are made by Canadian harp builder Daniel Schmitt (see http://www.highspiritsmusic.com/diamond-harps.php for more info on Diamond Harps). This beautiful figured maple harp with contrasting wood inlay is about 6 years old and in excellent condition. It is 58" tall, with full Loveland levers and a five-octave range (A-A). Diamond harps are known for their rich bass and warm tone. Asking $4000 which includes travel case and extra strings. Reason for sale: travel schedule requires smaller instrument. Photos available. Contact Jacky at jthomas@islandndt.com or 778-351-4539. (new 8/13)

Fay Payton (Carnation WA area) is selling her walnut Dusty Strings FH26, with full levers. Made in 1997, last regulated in 2011 and had several grommets replaced at that time. Lovely tone and excellent condition. Case, detachable legs (with tool for attachment), set of replacement strings. All for $1750 (new would be $2350). Cash only, please. Leave a message for Fay at: 425-333-0064. (new 8/13)

Price reduced! Jennifer Tucker of Vancouver WA is selling a Dusty Strings  walnut FH-32 with full Loveland levers plus case, tuning wrench, and full set of extra strings, asking $3800 or best offer. This beautiful harp was built in 2008, the last year that Dusty Strings offered the FH-32 model. For more info, contact Jennifer at 360-576-7707 or jltucker@mac.com. (revised 8/13)

Price reduced! Lauren Shapiro of Portland OR is selling an Argent Fox "Brother Benjamine" model cross-strung harp. 44 nylon strings in all (26 diatonic, 18 chromatic) in the 5/7 layout; range starts one octave below middle C up to G 3-1/2 octaves above. This harp was crafted by harpmaker Dan Speer in 1996. It is built of white ash with a lovely grain, has a laminated Finnish birch soundboard, and is in excellent condition. Comes complete with padded travel case and tuning wrenches, all for just $800 (a new Brother Benjamine with case would be at least $1250). Lauren says "I have inherited the instrument, which I do not play, and would like to find it a good home"; she prefers that the buyer collect the harp in Portland. Pictures available; contact Lauren at lifesprose@gmail.com. (revised 8/13)

Therese Grisewood of Limerick Ireland is selling (and is willing to ship) her 34-string Imbusch Celtic harp. This harp was hand made in 2010 by Nial Imbusch of Limerick Ireland. The frame is mahogany wood and the soundboard is Columbian pine. It weighs just 16 pounds, ideal for the traveling harpist. The tone is lovely and rich, especially in the lower registers, and it has concert harp string spacing and full levers. Included with the harp are a tuning wrench, green canvas padded zippered cover which includes two zippered pockets, and an almost complete set of spare strings. The price is 5000 Euros or the equivalent in US dollars at time of sale. (The price of shipping would be added to the price of the harp.) Photos of the harp are available; there is also the possibility of a Skype appointment to view/hear the instrument. Please contact Therese at tquinn38@gmail.com. (new 7/13)

Victoria Jordanova of Los Angeles CA is selling her Salvi "Diana" concert-grand pedal harp, # 7513-1992. Amazing mature sound and high performance mechanism combined. Finish: elegant mahogany with discreet stencil floral ornament. Gently treated by one owner. Regulated and re-viewed by certified technician. No issues with the bass, sounding board neck, or pedals. Comes with : Salvi trunk, 1 velvet cover, 1 heavy duty padded cover, 1 harp stool, 1 L&H dolly. Willing to ship/transport; costs to be covered by the buyer. Current owner, a professional harpist, now residing in LA is relocating to Europe. Price: $18.000 Contact Victoria at: jordanova@arpaviva.org. (new 7/13)

Liz Varenne of the New York City area has a 3-year-old Dusty Strings Allegro 26-string harp for sale. Sapele body, excellent condition, beautiful sound. Fully levered, deluxe case and tuning wrench. Asking $1200 plus $125 shipping. Harp is located in the NYC area, and can be picked up or delivered (fee negotiable). Pictures gladly emailed upon request. Contact Liz at Lizvarenne@gmail.com.  (new 7/13)

Laurie Riley is assisting in the sale of a Harps of Lorien Therapy Harp. 26 strings. Only 8 lbs! Includes full set of Truitt levers, full set of spare strings, tuning key, soft case and hard travel case, and a strap (strap buttons were installed by the maker). Dimensions: Height: 34 inches. Width: 21½ inches. Maximum width of soundboard: 10 inches. The lowest note is C below Middle C and the lowest octave has wound nylon strings. Laurie says: This harp can be used for more than therapy, of course, as it has a full and lovely tone. In fact, I use one in many of my performances. It is in new condition except for a tiny, shallow ding on the soundbox. The owner is a friend of mine. She no longer needs as small harp, so she decided to sell it. It will be shipped from Connecticut. The owner is selling it for $2445 plus shipping. The cost of this harp and all its accessories, if new, would be $2975 plus shipping. ) Photos are available at: http://laurierileymusic.wordpress.com/stuff-for-sale-2/. For more info, contact Laurie at laurie.riley@live.com. (new 7/13)

Biagio Sancetta of south Whidbey Island WA has a brand new Rees Sharpsicle for sale. Black, 26 strings C to g, with the new style of Rees levers on Cs and Fs. Local pick-up or will ship at cost. He is asking $500, which is $60 below retail price. If interested call him at 360-341-1748 or email to bas.pnw.harper@gmail.com. Pictures available. (new 6/13)

Price Reduced! Mary Sutherlach-Gunn (Portland OR vicinity) is selling a John Yule Concert Carnegie gut-strung Celtic harp. 34 strings, full levers, rich warm tones. Beautiful natural wood finish, Celtic carving, made in Scotland several years before Mr. Yule relocated to the US. Comes with tuner, tuning key, soft case, and some replacement strings. Asking $4,500. willing to negotiate within reason. Photos available. Contact Mary at triplemorrigan@gmail.com. (revised 5/13)

Sherri W. of Juneau AK is selling a beautiful year-old cherry Camac Aziliz harp, with 34 carbon-fiber & wire Alliance strings. 20 pounds, 46" in height. Has a full sound, yet is easily transportable. Very light tension, makes it very easy to play. Carved Celtic knot work on pillar. Includes wheeled padded case, dust cover, and tuning key. Great Condition. Sherri says "I have to give up playing due to medical conditions. This harp is a joy to play!" Pictures available. Asking $4000. If interested call 907-523-5255 or email juneauhiker54@gmail.com. (revised 4/13)

Arisa Houston of Poulsbo WA is selling her Venus/Encore pedal harp, 46 strings. Built in 1998, extended soundboard. Excellent condition. Big, warm and wonderful tone. Includes padded cover, column cover, and tuning key. Would like to TRADE for a smaller pedal harp of 42-44 strings (plus cash), or sell outright for $12,000. Photos available. Please call Arisa at 360-394-3689 or arisa@arisahouston.com. (new 3/13)

Lindy Sawyer of Port Angeles WA is selling her Camac Excalibar 36-string classic Celtic harp. This harp, complete with music stand and stool, is ideally suited for a beginning harper. This beautiful harp is made of maple with a dark mahogany stain and comes with a padded case. The condition is excellent. The asking price is $3,400 and pictures are available. If interested, email Lindy at  paulsawyer@wavecable.com. (new 1/13)

Cymber Lily Quinn of Hilo HI is selling her 2010 Salvi Egan Electro-Acoustic Harp (Black, 38 strings (wire, gut, nylon), Pick ups on every string, Bass and treble channels, Recently upgraded hardware in the treble channel, Soft case, Full set of strings, Original shipping box, Some warranty left). This harp has been lovingly cared for and played in private and at many art galleries, meditation concerts and shows. (Note to smaller players: This a big harp, better suited to taller players with longer arms. The body on this harp is wider than the acoustic model to accommodate the electronics and requires a longer reach. I have short arms, and this is the only reason I am selling this harp.) Asking $6372 + shipping (+ sales tax if applicable) or will trade for a Lyon & Healy Silhouette lever harp. Contact Cymber at ReikiHealingHarp@me.com for details (especially regarding shipping, which varies depending on destination and season). More information, including photos and sound samples, can be seen at:
http://www.reiki-healing-arts.org/salvi-egan-electro-acoustic-for-sale-or-trade-model-year-2010/. (new 12/12)

Gary Plouff in Eugene OR is assisting in the sale of a Regency Harp by Music Makers of Minnesota. This is a 34-string full size lever harp ( fully levered with Loveland levers) with rich, full and resonant tone. It projects well with its nearly 5 octaves of strings (C2 – A6). Its solid cherry construction is durable, strong and beautiful (37 lbs / 62” tall). Its soundboard is birch. It is about 10 years old and in good shape. It comes with a custom built harp cart of solid walnut that it fits perfectly which allows it to glide easily down any hallway or floor. The cart holds a harp bench also. The harp comes with a tuner, wrench and bench. It is located in Eugene, Oregon. Asking $3000 or best offer. Call Gary at 541-222-2268 for more information and photos. (new 11/12)

Alison & Stephen Vardy of West Coast Harps in Victoria BC are selling a used Witcher wire-strung harp on consignment. it is a Jay Witcher 26-string "Lamont" model wire harp, built in 1976. Excellent condition, some cosmetic blemishes, likely original bronze/wire strings. Lots of photos and fuller description here: http://www.usedharpmart.ca/. Asking $2000 Canadian or US equivalent. Can be shipped inside Canada; US buyers may arrange pick-up in Victoria or Vancouver BC. For more info contact alison@westcoastharps.com. (new 9/12)

Andrew Moore (Tacoma/Seattle area) is selling a Dusty Strings Allegro 26 harp. Fully levered in mahogany w/ maple neck. Excellent condition. Comes with case, detachable legs and tuning wrench. Priced for quick sale at $950 OBO. Contact Andrew at 253-304-5822 or at andrewmoore123@comcast.net. (new 9/12)

Susan Bryar of Sammamish WA has a Camac Clio pedal harp for sale. $10,500. Straight soundboard, 44 strings, mahogany finish, excellent condition, beautiful, bright tone. Five years old, regulated in 2011. Comes with padded transport covers, harp dolly, adjustable black bench. Pictures on request. Contact Susan by e-mail at sbryar@live.com. (new 8/12)

Sheila in the Snohomish WA area is selling a Dusty Strings FH-26 harp. Solid maple, full set of sharping levers. 10 years old, in beautiful condition. Fully regulated and full set of new strings put on at Dusty Strings a year ago. Set of matching legs, tuning wrench, full set of replacement strings and padded case included. Currently priced at Dusty Strings for $2315. Asking $1800, firm. Cash only please. Contact Sheila at brad.sheila@frontier.com. (new 8/12)

Suzanne Bonnen of Corvallis OR is selling a Kenny Bostard 30-string harp, with full sharping levers, made of lovely maple wood. This harp was built in December 1989, and is for sale for just $800, with tuning key. The harp has sharping levers on every string. Contact Suzanne at 541-286-4085. (new 8/12)

Patrice Schanck in Portland OR  is selling her Dusty Strings FH26 Harp, made of walnut with some cherry veneer. This is a 26-string Celtic harp with nylon strings and 26 tuning levers. It is a beautiful harp with a sweet and lovely tone. It comes with case, legs, tuner key, and Sylvia Woods instructional CD and book. $1100. Patrice can be reached at pschanck@gardnerschool.org. (new 7/12)

Pat in Port Hadlock (near Port Townsend WA) is selling a Dusty Strings Ravenna 26-string harp, only a few years old and hardly played. Owner selling due to health issues. No levers, no spare strings; but includes case, tuning wrench, electronic tuner, and music stand. Such a deal at $500, firm. Call Pat at 360-379-3422. (new 7/12)

Mary Ryan of Seattle (Queen Anne) is selling a maple Dusty Strings FH26 harp. This harp had one owner and is approximately 10 years old and in really beautiful condition. It is solid maple throughout, and has relatively light string tension and a bright, bell-like tone. It does not have legs. Full Loveland levers, and a carrying case. Its price new is currently $3455. Now asking $2000, firm. Pay by cash only, please. Mary would be able to deliver the harp herself at no cost to any location within 2 hours of Seattle. Please email mary.ryancrc@yahoo.com or 206-28407730 for more details. (new 6/12)

Mary Ryan of Seattle (Queen Anne) is selling a walnut Dusty Strings FH36, built in 1987, with full levers. Includes case. $4595. This harp has had only one owner. Please email mary.ryancrc@yahoo.com or 206-284-7730. (new 6/12)

Shelly Saville of Seattle is selling a small pedal harp. It is a 40-string Salvi Daphne, with a full rich sound. It has been used for practice and gigs, and is in fair condition (a little scuffed from transport). It comes with a soft cover and a harp dolly, for just $9000 (negotiable). Pictures can be e-mailed upon request. Please contact Shelly at shelly.savill@gmail.com or at 832-628-2464. (new 3/12)

Katie Foreman of Mill Creek, WA is selling her few-year-old Lyon and Healy Troubadour IV(7500), maple and walnut with 36 strings. Fully levered and in like-new condition, this harp has a big, well-balanced sound that is surprisingly full for a smaller harp. Tuning wrench included. $2500 cash. I prefer to sell in the greater Seattle area, but am willing to travel. If interested or would like to make an offer, please contact Katie at Foremankt@gmail.com. (new 10/11)

Rebecca Peltz of Seattle is selling her Lyon & Healy Folk harp with a Celtic soundboard design. The harp was purchased new for $2450 in 2000. The harp is in excellent condition and comes with a padded case. $1900 (will consider serious offers). Contact Rebecca at rebeccapeltz@gmail.com. (revised 8/11)

Reduced Price! Jennifer Truluck of Seattle is selling an ebony 2009 Lyon & Healy Troubador VI (serial number #10040). This harp is in excellent condition; reason for sale: her daughter has moved to a pedal harp and she needs to find a new home for her lever harp. The tone is clear and full, the harp comes with Performance levers. Also included: shipping box and foam, tuning key, and soft cover. All for for $3300. (Please note that this harp is for pick up only. Will help deliver within the Seattle city limits.) Contact Jennifer at jennifertruluck@hotmail.com.  (revised  4/11)

Joy Claar of Montana is offering her Triplett "Eclipse" harp for sale. This beautiful 38-string harp is made of tiger maple with Loveland levers and comes with a wheeled transport case. The harp is in perfect condition. Asking $4000. Joy could arrange to meet a buyer from the Puget Sound area in Spokane if desired. For more information, contact Joy at 406-644-2915 or praisehim@blackfoot.net. (revised 4/11)

Michael Sheets in Spokane, Washington unfortunately must sell his Magical Strings “Concert Oranmore” Harp. It was made for him by Philip Boulding in October 1986. This is number seven of only eight that Philip built of this model, and only four featuring its beautiful and unique carved ornamentation. It has the same full resonance, powerful bass and beautiful tone as Philip’s own Concert Oranmore, and as heard on all of Magical Strings’ recordings. It has 36 strings (5-octaves from 2nd C below middle C) and a full set of Sharping Levers (installed by Philip several years after its original construction). It is 52" tall and 29” deep. Included is a custom-fit, blue cordura nylon case padded with dense foam, a soft inner lining, large inside accessory pocket, heavy-duty zippers, handles and a shoulder strap. Also included is a tuning key; Sylvia Woods’ “Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp” book and video, “The Irish Harp Book” by Sheila Larchet Cuthbert, and two different humidifiers (used to keep the harp properly conditioned). The harp has been well cared for, is in excellent condition and structurally sound. Detailed photos are available at: http://root.arodesigns.com/celticfolkharp/ .  $3,500 or best offer. A shipping credit of up to $100 is included for a full-price buyer, other shipping costs will vary by buyer’s location and preferences. Contact Michael at harp@arodesigns.com, or 509-747-7519. (revised 4/11)

Rick and Jackie are finally selling their 27 (nylon) string Woodsong harp. It was built in the 80s by Dick and Sally Anderson in Estes Park CO and is in pristine condition. It has no levers installed, but includes a matching stool and music stand. The harp, stool, and music stand are all walnut, except of course for the spruce soundboard. The harp lives in a suburb of Portland OR, just south of Vancouver WA. Could possibly ship at buyer's expense, but would rather do a face to face deal. Photo available via e-mail. The harp has appraised at $1100, but will sell for $900 OBO. Contact Rick at 503-536-5181 or e-mail rick@haggisbag.com. (new 3/11)

Melanie (Seattle area) is selling a Lyon & Healy Style 85P (40 strings, mahogany) for $8500. Five years old, beautiful condition. Also willing to  rent for $100 per month with renter carrying insurance. Contact Melanie at 206-282-1119 or Melaniestubb@comcast.net. (new 3/11)

Hinrich Muller of Salem OR is selling a Celtic wire-strung harp, a Jay Witcher “Patrick Ball” model. Photo and complete information can be found on the website at: http://witcherharp.laurelmullergraphics.com. (new 3/11)

Caroline Sojourner of Portland OR has a beautiful Kenny Bostard 30-string harp for sale for $1400, or best offer. This harp was made in 1996 and has a beautiful tone. It has levers on all strings. Caroline believes it is made of cherry wood. Included in the price is a tuning wrench, a Guitar Man chromatic auto tuner, and a Pacemaker metronome. There is no case. For more information, Caroline can be reached at mereswif@gmail.com. (new 2/11)

Loralea Rushton is selling a Lyon & Healy Prelude Harp. Designed with the performing harpist in mind, this romantic classic is crafted with a decorated Sitka Spruce soundboard for a rich, powerful tone. Artistically styled, with the exquisite sound and appearance of a concert harp, the Prelude features string spacing and tension similar to a pedal harp. A scalloped bronze-finished crown and claw feet complement the elegant lines of the Prelude's graceful base and delicately fluted column. Mahogany. Fitted with Performance levers 1st octave C to 6th octave C. The Prelude comes with a cover, tuning key and harp dolly to transport it easily. 38 strings, 64" Height, 14-7/8" Soundboard Width, 32-3/4" Extreme Width, 42 lbs. Weight. Harp located near Puyallup, WA. Price: $3,800. Contact Loralea by phone: 928-713-3247. (new 10/10)

Annette Pritchard is hoping to re-home her beautiful Swanson Semi-gilded Empire Concert harp. It is maple with gold accents and a fluted column. It was purchased in 1993. It is in wonderful playing condition and its gorgeous, warm tones are ready to be enjoyed by a new owner. It has a padded cover and a Lyon & Healy shipping trunk and a folding harp dolly. Asking price is $16,000. Annette is located near Portland, OR. Please call 503-631-2507 or e-mail harpy@ccwebster.net for more information and photos. (new 10/10)

Carlos Sanz of Federal Way WA is selling a Lyon and Healy Troubadour III lever harp, serial #6488 . This harp has 36 strings, a walnut finish, and comes with a cover. It is in very good condition, but needs new levers. Price $1600. Contact Carlos at 254-250-9001, 254-839-0317, or cpsanz@webtv.net. (new 9/10)

Rose Campo of Chilliwack BC is selling a Blevins  Xenith model cross-strung harp with the 6/6 stringing pattern. It has 58 strings in total, equivalent to a 34 string diatonic harp with all the "sharps and flats"... great for playing songs that change keys because you're not dealing with levers. It has a beautiful rich tone . Two years old, in excellent condition. Warranty transferable. Made of ash with a rosewood stain. Comes with padded case, tuning wrench, and some extra strings. Asking $2750 CDN. See a photo of this model at the Blevins website:
Contact Rose for more details or photos of her harp at 604-795-6199 or at shelcampo@gmail.com. (new 4/10)

Kelley Young is selling her Dusty Strings FH-26 maple harp, handcrafted in Seattle in 1996. Comes with full levers, detachable legs, carrying case, tuning wrench. Excellent condition (other than three strings which need replacing). $2500 or best offer. Located in Bothell WA.  Contact Kelley at kelleyyoung3@netzero.net or 425-820-2811. (new 2/10)

Linda Seay is selling a 34-string Aoyama 130 Folk Harp, price $1500. Purchased from local harpist and teacher Patricia Jaeger. Located in Seattle. Some cosmetic flaws. Detachable tripod legs. Velvet cover and lesson book included. Contact Linda at 206-484-0660 or lindaseay@comcast.net. See link for pictures: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/msg/1567284521.html. (new 2/10)

Alyson Williams of Vancouver WA has a Stoney End  Brittany (22x2) double-strung harp for sale. It was purchased in 2003 directly from Stoney End. The wood is cherry, and the purchase price includes a soft foam padded interior/gray canvas exterior case and tuning key. Excellent condition; harp has never been out of house. FYI: There are no levers on this harp. Asking price is $675. Buyer pays shipping & insurance; seller may be willing to drive to meet halfway if buyer is on the Portland - Seattle or Portland - Eugene, I-5 corridor (weekend only). Here is a link to the Stoney End description and sound bite: http://www.stoneyend.com/brittany2.html. Photos available by email if interested. Contact Alyson at alygal@yahoo.com.  (new 1/10)

Liz of Bellingham WA  is selling a Dusty Strings FH36S in Maple. Asking price is $4900, willing to negotiate. The harp is brand new, and has never been moved other than after the initial sale. It ended up being too large for the buyer's intended use. It comes with a carrying case, shipping case, hand carved tuner, and a full set of strings. You may contact her at 360-305-7825 (ask for Liz) or at liz.morganellis@gmail.com. (new 10/09)

Louisa McCuskey of Seattle WA is selling a large 3o-string Triplett wire strung harp with case - $2,400 or trade (see below). This beautiful harp has excellent resonance, new strings, dark wood, and gorgeous celtic knot cutouts in the sound board. Includes a Full set of levers and a nice soft-sided case with strap and storage pockets, a $350.00 value. The harp comes with a tuning key and lots of extra strings (a full set and a half). She says "I will also trade this harp for a smaller, nylon strung celtic style lap harp with electric pick-ups or professional harp mic., or a harp that has been electrified. I'm open, lets talk...". Photo available upon request; contact Louisa at crystalscientist@gmail.com or call her at 360-708-5327. (new 9/09)

Autumn Minter of Coeur d'Alene ID is selling her Salvi "Aurora" 47-string, Grand-Concert pedal harp. The harp is is  in excellent condition. Made in 1985, walnut finish, has a full, rich sound. Elegant base and column with soft curves, no ornamentation on soundboard or otherwise. Well-loved and well-maintained over its life. Asking price is $18,500 and will include one soft cover, one padded travel cover with dolly, rubber tuning key and several octaves of extra strings. Please contact Autumn Minter at sassystrings1@yahoo.com or phone 208-687-3059 for more information. (new 9/09)

Malinda Hart of Spokane WA is selling her 27-string FolkCraft lever harp. She says "I've had this beautiful 44" FolkCraft Harp since I was 8, am 21 now. I only played harp for a year, and then took to the piano. While this harp has been lovely to look at & a great conversation piece, I got another piano which takes up the harp's spot, so I'd like to find it a new home. It is the 27-string Highland Jr. harp and is no longer made. The 27 strings start on C in the bass and end on A in the treble. All strings have levers. Its tone is bright and playful and its presence brings an especially light and serene atmosphere to the room. It has some scratches and small dents. Embarrassingly enough my puppy got hold of the tuning wrench and chewed it up about half way, so that's up to your discretion on whether you'd like it or not." The harp is missing two strings, and is in need of a new string set and lever regulation; because of this Malinda is willing to sell for just $500! Contact her at 509-280-9651 or at malindarhart@comcast.net (she has photos of the harp that she can e-mail to potential buyers). (new 8/09)

Chery Phillips of Tacoma is selling a Camac Aziliz harp in beautiful, pristine condition, 34 Alliance strings, with carved Celtic knot work on pillar. Range from 1st Octave A to 6th Octave C; full levers that work without any string friction (system does not change distance between strings); 50.5 inches tall with removable legs. Harp comes with tuner, snapping dust cover and music books from beginner to advanced, along with some instructional CD's. Bought new for $4,200 one year ago and would like to sell for $3,200. Photos available; if interested please contact Chery at ceilidh317@yahoo.com. (new 4/09)

Michelle Walsh of Santa Cruz CA is selling a Lyon and Healy Style 15 Concert Grande Pedal Harp (Model #4049.) Original owner, well cared for and in wonderful condition. It has a rich and warm tone and was played everyday for many many years. It has a beautiful quilted maple soundboard with gold scrolling, a natural finish and bronze rings at the crown and base. Michelle says: "I am asking $15,000. I will consider all reasonable offers. It comes with a tuning fork, custom cover and sturdy wooden shipping case. For the right offer I will be happy to cover the cost of shipping. You can reach me at 831-234-0415 or email me at reelworldfilms@yahoo.com for more information. I have several photos I can email you if interested!" (new 4/09)

Rosa Curriden is selling a 27-string Clarenbridge Amergin II Harp, 3-1/2 octaves with sharping devices on F & C. Solid Mahogany with birch laminate sound board. Detachable legs for transporting, padded case, wrench & string chart. Excellent condition. For showroom picture, Google "Clarenbridge Amergin". Price reduced: now asking $1100. Contact Rosa at 425-231-6790 or rcurriden@integrity.com. (revised 11/08)

Patricia Friedson, an agent for Harps Unlimited International, has a wide variety of wonderful harps for sale, including Tripletts, Rubarths, and a good selection of quality used harps. Sales room located in Ferndale, WA. Contact Patricia at 360-393-3376 or at  ambertales@juno.com. (new 10/08)

Sandy on Capitol Hill in Seattle has a straight back lap harp made by Philip Boulding. It has 24 steel strings and seven blades. Type of wood unknown. It was used for just a few months and is in very good condition, although out of tune. Included is the case, wrench, and chromatic auto tuner. $350 or best offer! Call 206-322-1473. (revised 8/08)

Susi Hussong is assisting in the sale of a 38-string Lyon and Healy Prelude lever harp (#806, new in 2000), in walnut, for $3500. For more information, please contact Susi at harp4u@comcast.net. (revised 8/08)

Brynna of Stockbridge, Georgia has a Lyon & Healy Prelude for sale: "My harp is a used harp. I have had it for 5 years, and it is in excellent condition. It has only slight paint chipping on the feet (cute little golden feet), and a one-inch scratch on the side. It is an ebony Lyon&Healy Prelude with a white wood front on soundboard (no designs). It has 32 strings which include nylon, gut, and the bottom four strings are steel. The overall sound is a bright tone. It has a gold-finished crown and matching clawed feet. Can fit easily into the back of even a small car such as a Honda Fit (the car I use). This harp will come from a smoke-free home, and has been treated with much kindness. It will come with an ergonomic black tuning key, and a burgundy/maroon dust cover emblazoned with the Lyon&Healy design in gold stitching. It will also come with about 20 harp music books, as well as some piano music books which are easily played on the harp, as well as a tote bag (with a small harp design on it) to carry them in. Price is $4,500. Shipping will have to be calculated, depending on the area you live in. You can also come and pick it up if you are in the Stockbridge, GA, 30281 area.  This harp has been played everywhere including the Highland Games at Stone Mountain, where it won first place at a competition. It has been looked at by Kelly Stewart, and has been deemed in good condition. Serious offers only, please. You may contact me for more detailed information." Contact Brynna at lion_of_judah6@yahoo.com.  (new 7/08)

Sara Foster in Kingston WA is selling an older model Philip Boulding (Magical Strings) student lap harp. Straight neck, 22 wire strings, no levers or blades. Makes a sturdy little travel instrument. Only $200. For more info, call 360-297-1654 or e-mail sarafoster@att.net. (new 2/08)

Wendy Humphreys Tebbutt (Sunshine Coast, BC) is selling a 34-string harp made by Richard Diener (Regina, Saskatchewan). It's black in color and stands on 4 legs. Has 33 levers (just the top string has no lever). It is 51.5" tall, including the legs, with a 14.25" wide board. The harp, which is Richard's "Irish" model, has a lovely sound - even at the top. Regularly $3400 new, selling for $1895 (Canadian) plus shipping (or ferry/gas if delivered by car). Pictures available. Please contact Wendy at 604-885-5578 or at starsong@dccnet.com. (new 10/07)

Kyle Ford is selling a 29-string Stoney End Lorraine harp that he built from a kit in 1994. There are no levers, it is nylon strung, and goes down to the G below middle C. You can see a photo of the Lorraine model harp at www.stoneyend.com/harps.html. Strings, levers, and cases from Stoney End are still available for this harp. Kyle can send photos of his harp to interested parties, and he is only asking $650. Contact Kyle at 425-891-7651. (new 8/07)

Mark Blessley is assisting in the resale of a Blessley 36-string harp, made of exquisite bird's eye maple, with beautiful carved leaves on both sides of the neck, and a full rich voice.  The harp has 5 full octaves, 3 above Middle C and 2 below. Included are a full set of Loveland sharping levers, tuning key, dust cover and some extra strings. Brand new, this harp would cost around $4,500, and she is selling it for just $3,000. Contact Mark at 360-576-8111 for more information, or to make an appointment to see and play the harp. (new 2/07)

Bonnie Pulliam is assisting in the sale of a Triplett 30 string, walnut, wire-strung harp; in very good condition with Colorado case. Currently strung in brass instead of the stock bronze strings. Owner would be willing to restring it with a bronze set before sale if desired. The harp is in Western Montana and can be delivered to the Seattle area. $2700. Contact Bonnie at pulliam@blackfoot.net or 406-961-3200. (new 11/06)

Beth Cachet is selling a Lyon & Healy folk harp. 34 strings, fully levered. 2 sets of legs (different heights). Recently regulated, all new strings. $1650. Contact Beth at 360-794-7748 or bcachat@gte.net. (revised 8/06)

Sidonie has a 26-string Boulding student harp, no levers, for sale for $250. She would also be willing to trade this harp for a wire-strung harp of similar size. She is located on the Olympic Peninsula; you can call her at 360-732-7564 for more information. (revised 6/06)

Catherine Picard has a Salvi Daphne pedal harp for sale. It has forty strings, in good condition, and was last regulated a little over a year ago by a Lyon and Healy regulator and all the strings were replaced at that time. The finish has only a few nicks, due to the normal wear and tear of transportation. Asking $8500. For more information, contact Catherine by e-mail at SRPicard@aol.com or by phone at 253-318-2073. (new 1/06)

Carol Anderson of Bellingham is selling a 30-string Australian Red Gumwood Folk Harp, with partial levers. Need to sell quickly due to medical costs. See www.harpsaustralia.com  for information on the builder. Contact Carol at 360-650-1693 for more information about the harp, price, etc.

Sheena Desmarais is selling a 26-string Dusty Strings Ravenna harp, no levers. (This is the new model with the handy retractable support leg; see www.dustystrings.com for info and photos.) The harp is nearly new as she has only had it around 3 months, had no time to play it but has kept it in tune. Asking $700. The price includes the case, tuning key, and an additional set of strings. Contact Sheena at  echodreamer@gmail.com or by phone at 360-671-6765.

Lynn Fender is selling a like-new Hamadryad Harp, 31 nylon strings, golden oak finish, full levers, Celtic/Gothic style with new padded carrying case and bench, for $2000. Call Lynn at 206-795-3622 for appointment to view.

Rozwin Liera is selling a Musicmaker Gothic 31-String Harp (from C two octaves below middle C to E) made at Musicmaker's in November 2002, in walnut (a color that they no longer make). The gothic shape is shorter in the horizontal direction, which makes it very convenient for playing in tight spaces, and makes the bass strings very easy to reach. It has full Loveland levers; tapered tuning pins; colorful, painted flowers up and down the board; and a rosebud carving on the each side. Included in the package: an extra set of strings; tuning key; a sturdy, padded, maroon carrying case with big pockets; and shipping anywhere in the United States. $3,100 new, selling for $2,500. Contact Rozwin at 425-423-7902 or intekal@earthlink.net.

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